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Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that helps replace lost collagen. It fills in hollow, sunken areas and is designed to fill wrinkles and reduce hollow and sunken areas of the face. The treatment increases your body’s natural production of collagen, which is key for tightening skin.

Avg Cost: $1998/ Session
Avg Recovery: 0-3 days
Discomfort Level:
Anesthesia: Topical

Collagen is the protein that gives the skin structure and support.  Collagen diminishes with age: by the time we reach our mid-forties, we may have already lost 25% of the collagen in our skin. Sculptra Aesthetic works by activating your skin's ability to produce collagen. Patients that need more structural support for their face or have hollowing of the temples, cheeks, or the chin area benefit from Sculptra Aesthetic. Sculptra is different from dermal fillers because it works by stimulating your natural tissue.  Results are natural and gradual; after treatment, you always look just like yourself, only better. 

We typically think of Sculptra Aesthetic as the go-to product when we want pan-facial restoration.  We place it along the receding bone of the temples, cheekbones and jawline.  We place it into the skin of the midface.  We can also use sculptra for thinning, crepey skin of the neck, decolletage, and body.
These treatments are typically repeated several times, giving incremental results that transform over time. 

Sculptra Aesthetic is complementary to all other injectable procedures, including wrinkle-reducers, dermal fillers and Radiesse.  In addition, we often combine Sculptra Aesthetic with skin-tightening procedures, such as Ulthera, Morpheus or Profound.

Dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid fillers) and radiesse are alternatives for restoring volume and fine lines.  



  • Gradual, natural  results (no one will know!)
  • Builds your own tissue.
  • Excellent for hollowing at the periphery of the face (temples, cheeks, jawline).
  • Long-lasting - 2 years.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • If you want immediate results, this is not the right treatment.
  • Takes multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart.
  • Not for use around the eyes or the lips.

If too much Sculptra Aesthetic is injected into a small area, there is a small risk that the body can respond too well, creating nodules.  If they are troublesome, saline (salt water) can be injected to help break them up.  In general, though, they are not easily seen and resolve on their own. 

On the phone, prior to your consultation, we will spend some time learning more about your health history, your previous aesthetic experiences, and your goals. 


During your consultation, your Patient Experience Coordinator and Dr. Cho or Dr. Chiang will discuss your concerns in more depth. The doctor will assess your face and neck and suggest treatment options that would be most impactful for you. Many times, a multi-modal approach (see complementary procedures) will be presented as we like to share how we can achieve the best results. 


After discussing your options, your Patient Experience Coordinator will review quotes and coordinate with you the next steps.  

How to Prepare, During, & Aftercare


Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that is designed to fill wrinkles and reduce hollow, sunken cheeks. The treatment increases your body’s natural production of collagen, which is key for tightening skin.

Sculptra targets one of the underlying causes of the signs of aging: collagen loss. During the course of your Sculptra treatments, collagen is gradually replaced and volume is restored. Over time, you may notice that your wrinkles, creases and folds are smoothed.

In the face, Sculptra Aesthetic helps to 1) add support, especially along the temples, cheeks and jawline, 2) fill in hollows, 3) help with etched-in lines or depressions from scars.

On the body, Sculptra Aesthetic can be used in any area to help with the quality of the skin, including crepey neck skin, etched-in decolletage lines, and saggy skin of arms, elbows and knees.  Sculptra Aesthetic is also used to lift and round the buttocks and to help with depressions of cellulite.

Sculptra’s effect is a gradual process. The results improve over time as the treatment helps your body produce natural collagen. Patients typically appreciate their final results several weeks after their last treatment.  

Immediately after treatment, it is common to feel discomfort for a few days, especially with eating.  There is also the possibility of bruising that may last for several days.

There is a low risk of developing a small bump in an area where the body has formed too much collagen.  In the vast majority of cases, the bumps are small and can be detected by feel, but are not visible.  They typically resolve on their own.

You’ll be able to continue on with your regular day-to-day activities right after the procedure.  Some patients plan their treatments around their social activities to allow some time for potential swelling and/or bruising.

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