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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) & Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Innovative treatments like Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)injections use your body’s own wound-healing machinery to help with scarring, grow collagen, or restore hair. This procedure can be performed alone or in conjunction with our other aesthetic procedures.

Avg Cost: $800+ / Session
Avg Recovery: No Downtime
Discomfort Level:
Anesthesia: Varies

PRP treatment involves Platelet-Rich Plasma injections derived from your own blood. The treatment has been used in sports medicine as well as regenerative medicine. PRP is commonly seen as part of the “Vampire Facelift” to boost collagen production and accelerate new skin cell turnover. Platelet-Rich Plasma injections can treat eyebags and under eye dark circles and combat hair loss. The treatment is also thought to increase penis size and sensation.

PRP injections are prepared by extracting your own blood and centrifuging it to separate the platelet-rich component.  The platelets contain growth factors which help to heal wounds and regenerate your tissue.

PRP therapy can be injected along for subtle, natural facial rejuvenation.  It can also be combined with other cosmetic procedures like microneedling; energy-based treatments, such as laser and radiofrequency; fillers; or fat grafting.  

There are no other procedures that work in a similar fashion to PRP/PRF to accelerate and harness the body's own growth factors and wound-healing capacity.



  • PRP can regenerate your skin and help heal injuries.
  • The plasma in PRP comes from your own body so there is little risk of a negative reaction.
  • Side effects of PRP therapy are mild.
  • You may have some soreness or inflammation at the PRP injection site for a few hours after treatment.
  • Results are not permanent, so you will need maintenance treatments.
  • In rare cases some patients have had nerve injury or tissue damage.

Prior to your consultation, we want to learn as much as possible about you so that we can best prepare for your visit. We want to understand your concerns, goals, timeline, and your budget to help determine whether we have the appropriate tools and options to deliver your best results.


During your consultation, your assigned Patient Experience Coordinator and Dr. Cho or Dr. Chiang will discuss your concerns in more depth. The doctor will do a physical assessment and then come up with treatment options that balance your needs to manage your downtime, your results, and how we can help address your goals. Many times, a multi-modal approach may be presented to help provide the best outcomes.


After discussing your options, you will continue your journey with your Patient Experience Coordinator to further review your quotes and review the next steps of your aesthetics plan.

What to Expect


Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that is designed to fill wrinkles and reduce hollow, sunken cheeks. The treatment increases your body’s natural production of collagen, which is key for tightening skin.

Sculptra targets one of the underlying causes of the signs of aging: collagen loss. During the course of your Sculptra treatments, collagen is gradually replaced and volume is restored. Over time, you may notice that your wrinkles, creases and folds are smoothed.

Sculptra helps to correct skin depressions, such as in skin creases, wrinkles, folds, scars and for skin aging.

The impact of Sculptra is a gradual process. The results should continue to improve over time as the treatment helps your body produce natural collagen. It will likely take a few weeks, and even a few months, for the impact to be seen.

The most common side effect associated with Sculptra is the formation of lumps. In some cases the lumps are small and can be detected by feel, but are not visible. In other cases, the lumps can be noticeable.

You’ll be able to continue on with your regular day-to-day activities right after the procedure. You might want to adjust your schedule to allow some time for the swelling and bruising to go down.

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