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Learn your treatment options.


Learn your treatment options.

When diet and exercise do not work to get rid of facial fat, there are treatments that are effective to give your face a more contoured look.


When you gain weight, you may not be happy with the fat on your face. Facial fat results from fat deposits that build up on the side of your face making it look fuller and rounder. While it is impossible to target your face when you lose weight, overall weight loss can make your face slimmer. Genetics, aging, and hormones can also contribute to chubby cheeks, jowls and puffiness.

When a healthy diet and regular exercise do not work to reduce the fat on your face, you can find out about treatments that can help from Dr. Cho at Integrated Aesthetics. A surgical facelift can correct the problem, but there are also some less invasive procedures you can try to address face fat and give your face a thinner, more contoured look.


Face fat is generally most visible in the jowls, cheeks and under the chin. Weight gain is typically the cause of facial fat, and your diet plays a critical role. People who eat food with saturated fat and transfats tend to gain weight overall, and the face is no exception.

Lack of an adequate amount of exercise can also lead to weight gain and fat deposits in the face. Your overall bone structure and facial muscles may also contribute to the look of a fat face.

Your body’s natural metabolism can be the culprit, along with underlying medical conditions and medication that can also cause a fat face. A “moon face” is often a side effect of steroid treatment, and it may be symptomatic of Cushing’s disease when you are exposed to excess cortisol. A rise in estrogen levels may cause the body to store more fat than it really needs.


Regular exercise and eating a healthy diet free from saturated fat and transfats can help prevent weight gain, including the face. Regular medical checkups to find out if you have a treatable underlying medical condition can also help prevent a fat face.


When diet and exercise do not work to get rid of facial fat, there are treatments that are effective to give your face a more contoured look.

Liposuction can give you a more defined jaw line and give your neck a more youthful look. The procedure works by removing fat cells.

There are less invasive treatment options, including CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure that removes fat cells beneath the skin. The fat cells are frozen and then eliminated by the body through the normal digestive process. CoolSculpting is commonly used on the neck.

Kybella is an injectable noninvasive option that is commonly used under the chin to eliminate the fat cell’s ability to hold fat. Kybella can give your face a more contoured look.

A facelift is a surgical option designed to correct skin and muscle laxity in the upper, lower and mid-face by repositioning tissues that have begun to sag with age. A facelift can address jowls and deep wrinkles in addition to creases and excess skin. Facial fillers or implants may be used to complement your facelift results.

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