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Sculptra Treatments: The Beauty of Wrinkle-Free Skin

Sculptra Treatments for The Woodlands, Spring, Houston & Tomball

We’ve all been there – gazing in the mirror, pulling back the skin on our faces with our fingers and trying to remember what we looked like in our youth. You’re not alone if you feel down as you ask your reflection, “Where did the time go?” But instead of wondering, what if we told you that there was a elegant solution that would allow for you to turn back the hands of time?

With Sculptra at Integrated Aesthetics, you can have that sculpted and full face that you once used to sport in your youth. Right here in the sprawling metropolis of Houston, you can have these Sculptra treatments done and enjoy watching your wrinkles fade away. Here’s everything you need to know about Sculptra Aesthetics, and when you should have these treatments done.

How Sculptra Aesthetics works

Collagen is a main component in keeping your skin looking smooth like it did when you were carefree and young. However, as we grow older, our natural production of collagen decreases and wrinkles begin to form. Some go to extreme lengths to combat this process, but with Sculptra Aesthetics, you can gracefully restore that sculpted shape of earlier years.

Sculptra is a cosmetic filler, made of poly-L-lactic acid, that is injected into the skin, and works to stimulate the production of collagen. Many have been pleased with the results of Sculptra as it restores facial volume and reduces skin laxity that has developed over time. The number of treatments depends on the patient and their areas of concern, but two – four treatments is common. Each session will continue to build the collagen in your skin, and you come closer to the youthful fullness with each treatment.

What makes Sculptra different?

Instead of focusing on just one area of the face, Sculptra can be used to add volume around the temples and cheeks, fill in smile and marionette folds, and even provide better definition to the jaw line and reduce the appearance of the jowls. Additionally, this product works deep into the dermis and aims to correct the underlying causes of your skin’s aging. Because it is correcting your skin from the underside, it works to plump up depressions in the face until the surface of your face is full again.

Different from its competitors, the results of Sculptra can last as long as two years as it continues to reinforce the structure and beauty of your skin. Some have even stated that these treatments have shown as much as 80 percent improvement on troubled areas, which is unheard of. After Sculptra treatments, you will be left with a smoother and younger looking face that can last you throughout the years.

Advanced Sculptra injectors are also pioneering its use for other body regions such as the buttock and hips to provide more shape and firmness. Sculptra can also be used to reduce the appearance of the laxity around the knees and elbows. Sculptra can also be used to help firm up the tissue in the décolleté region or the thinning of the skin around the arms, especially when used in conjunction with other treatments such as microchannelling or other collagen producing devices such as Ultherapy, Profound RF, and Venus Viva.

Love the skin you are in

Of course, one of the benefits of Sculptra treatments is that you will, once again, love the skin you are in. You can even go as far to say that this simple procedure can increase your mood and boost your confidence, helping you improve your outlook on life as a result. As mentioned earlier, this type of treatment will also encourage your collagen production, which could have beneficial, long-lasting results. So, you are sure to look and feel young again throughout the later years in life.

Sculptra Treatments in Houston

If you live in the Houston area, the best time to get your Sculptra treatments is now, at Integrated Aesthetics. We are offering $150 off the first treatment, $175 off the second, and $200 off on the third treatment, so long as you start your first treatment between now and June 2016 and complete your treatment by September 2016. Sculptra Aesthetics is the solution you have been looking for to bring your face back to that round and full youthful look. Dr Cho is also a national trainer for Sculptra Aesthetic and has trained other plastic surgeons and dermatologist in the art of injecting Sculptra.

Are you ready to look as young as you feel? At Integrated Aesthetics, we work hard so that you can feel beautiful. Contact us today for more information on our special Sculptra offers.


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